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My Journey

I began my career in the health and well-being sector in 2008 when I decided to change career. I took biology at school but never used it until I did my first massage course "Holistic Massage" in 2008 and that was the start of my journey, the human body absolutely fascinated me then and still does now. I followed my first course with sports massage at level 3 then level 4. At this point after two and a half years of studying I started my own massage business, I put my heart and soul into my treatments and the business. My dedication paid of, my business has grown and I have been fortunate to work at some major sports events such as London 2012 Olympics and Gold Coast Commonwealth Games 2018. After a few years once my business and my reputation were established I returned to studying to improve myself and the services I could offer. I did Level 5 sports  therapy, medical acupuncture, acupressure, myofascial release, Reiki 1st degree, Reiki 2nd degree and Reiki masters.

Reiki healing symbol cho ku rei on sand.

My Approach

My spiritual awareness has always been there and has developed over time therefore Reiki was a logical step to take. The power of Reiki amazes me everyday and its ability to work on physical, emotional and spiritual  levels and where it can take you. 

As a therapist my aim is to give the patient the best treatment possible whether its a one on one or distance healing session. Every treatment is tailored to the individual patient and what they require at that time, either physical, emotional or spiritual healing or a combination.

I will always give you 100% commitment and focus in every treatment so that you have the best possible treatment and outcome.  

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