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Reiki is non invasive and no manipulation is involved, the patient remains clothed laying on the couch face up with their arms down by the side, eyes closed with an open mind allowing the reiki energy to flow where it is required. Reiki works on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels activating the body's natural heling process and restores physical and emotional well-being. Reiki will gently open blocked chakras and meridians, it restores vitality and energy balance and clears the energy bodies, this then leaves you feeling relaxed and at peace. 

Some benefits of Reiki include 

Oracle cards are used at the start of the treatment, the deck used is the Chakra Insight Oracle. You are asked to shuffle the cards and ask the question "what healing do I need today" as you shuffle, then when you feel ready you select one card from the deck. You turn the card over to reveal it and we discuss the meaning of the card and see if it resonates with you, the card is then placed next to you during the treatment so you get the healing you require. 

The treatment is an hour long, approximately 45 min of Reiki the remaining time is to reflect on the treatment.   

Distance Reiki healing is exactly the same and can take place anywhere using Zoom as long as you have the time and space, you need to be comfortable with no distractions and have water available. The best way to experience it, is to


Get Comfortable

Remove Glasses

Close your eyes

Set your intention 

Relax and allow 


Promotes Health and Well Being

Releases Stress and Tension

Promotes Pain Relief

Reduces Anxiety

Aids Relaxation

Balances The Body's Energy

Relieves Depression

Strengthens Self Esteem 

Heightens Self Awareness & Intuition

Strengthens Spiritual Connection

Sensing Spiralling Healing Energy - male
Humble Pranic Healer Message Board - mal

One on One Reiki Session

 1 Hour or 1 Hour 30 mins sessions available

Distance Reiki Session

 1 Hour or 1 Hour 30 mins sessions available

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